WAEC EXPO 2019: How to Get Waec 2019 Runs Questions and Answers

WAEC 2019 EXPO ~ How to Get Waec 2019 Runs Questions and Answers For May/June Exam


Hi And Welcome to Gurus Expo! You Arrive On This Post Because You’re Seeking For Waec Expo 2019 On This Post We’re Going to Teach You How to Get Real Verified 2019 WAEC Runs Questions/Answers For May-June Exam And How to Clear Your Papers In Just One Sitting.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself My Name Is Bayo The Founder Of Gurus Expo Team and Owner Of GurusExpo Over The Year We’ve Been Providing Verified Waec Answers and Questions to Schools, Students and Websites.

WARNING: What you are about reading is not a scam or what so ever trick you might think, also this post is only for WAEC 2019 Candidates that will love to write once and pass without resitting for next year.
Let Me Show You How To Score A,B & Cs Using Our 2019 Waec Runs 

Scoring high in 2019 waec exam expo is not that hard as you might be think. It takes hardwork and consistency to meet your desired mark. But trust me, no matter how proficient you are, you can’t cover all WAEC Syllabus in one head, never. E.G If you are given 50 waec questions to answer but unfortunately you are able to penetrate only 10 Questions correctly, what will you do with the remaining 40? Leave it for Me? LOL! This is why we create this waec portal to help you clear your papers and defeat waec completely.

When Will I Get My 2019 WAEC Questions and Answers
2019 WAEC Questions and Answers

The Gurus Expo Team will send you complete, correct and verified waec questions and answers exactly 30 Minutes before Exam has commenced, SOMETIMES IT COMES 3 HOURS BEFORE STARTS. this will definitely hit you nothing less than A, B & Cs guaranteed score depending on how you use the answers.

We are very sincere about this delivery time. You might see others telling you that they will send you waec answers A Week Or 7-2 Days Before Your Exam.

Are you kidding me? Pls We urge you to be very vigilant and ignore all this scammers. Just trust us for our service and you will thank GURUS EXPO Later.

How to Get Your 2019 WAEC Expo Questions/Answers Runs

2019 WAEC Answers

Select your Convenient Subscription Package that best suites you, then Pay the Exact Amount to our details, beneath.

Our Subscription Price List For Text Message.

(i) 6,7,8 Subjects + Practicals: N7000
(ii) Payment Per Subject: N600 each
(iii) Practicals Per Subject: N500 Each.

Our Subscription Price List for WhatsApp Message.

(i) 6,7,8 Subjects + Practicals: N5000
(ii) Payment Per Subject: N400 each
(iii) Practicals Per Subject: N300 each

Our Subscription Price List For Password Link Access.

(i) 6,7,8 Subjects + Practicals: N5000
(ii) Payment Per Subject: N400 each
(iii) Practicals per Subject: N300 each.


For All Subjects: Subscription Price Is opened For Negotiations for blog owners, group of student, principals, head teachers, centre owners or any interested person. You are advised to contact us before making payment. (full subscription only).

How to Make Payment
(i) Payment name/Your name.
(ii) Subjects.
(iii) Exam Name (e.g Waec)
(iv) Amount Paid & Package Paid For (e.g Direct Sms)
(v) Phone number to 09035656264

Example: Payment Name: Ade, Subjects: Maths,Eng,Phy,Chem,etc., Phone No: 0806754348, Amount: #7000 For Direct Sms. Send them To 09035656264


After We Receive Your Details SMS And Confirm Your Payment From The Bank, Then We Will Send You A Success Sms Within 3Hours To Confirm That You Are Registered To Our Source.

NOTE: Direct SMS: In this package, we’ll send Answers to your phone inbox via sms.

NOTE: WhatsApp Message: In this package, we add you to a answer broadcast on whatsapp were we will post answers to you.

NOTE: Online or Passworded Answers: In this package we send you the password to unlock a answer page and access your answers. 

ADVICE: Just N7,000 can Free you from Waec SSce Expo Problem Forever, So be wise.

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